You want to invest in a professional to help your business prosper and grow – turning to a Business Development Specialist is a pragmatic first step. Partnering with G’Pa Hondo’s experience and business acumen will help to identify ways to promote and maintain brand relevance in the face of competition. Researching new business opportunities, creating business plans and staying on top of industry-specific trends help to give you the advantage you need to succeed.

A competent Business Development specialist typically reports to a Business Development Manager or Director, G’Pa Hondo is able to work independently, yet have the skills to work as a part of a team.

G’Pa Hondo identifies new leads for expansion and develops new ways to grow the company. This overall task is made possible by a myriad of modalities, such as:

• Market Research
• Analyzing Business Processes
• Financial Information Management
• Customer Service
• Marketing Strategy
• Design/Branding